Quality of Life

Quality of life

Talent, growth, doing business, world location, innovation are attracted to a great quality of life. Bloomberg called us the “California of Europe”. In fact, climate, culture and gastronomy are indeed part of any valuable metric in order to measure the quality of life, and indeed Portugal has it all! But we do have also much more when it comes to high standards of living that go beyond material wellness or tourism natural attractions and products.

Portugal also possesses stability, peace, excellent healthcare and education and a good work/life balance.

  • Portugal scores as the 1st most peaceful country in the European Union (3rd most peaceful country in the World), according to the Global Peace Index of 2017.
  • An Internations survey done in 2017 within the expat community scores Portugal as number one when it comes to friendliness and feeling welcome. In fact, 88% generally agree that it’s easy to settle down in this country
  • Within 118 Countries, Portugal is rated with 5th in tolerance towards minorities and 8th in tolerance towards immigrants, and lifestyle, the country is rated 9th position when gathered the combination of indicators that include environmental performance, personal safety, healthcare and friendly energy systems
  • In 2017 Portugal reached the lowest number in the Terrorism Index, “0” according to the Institute for Economics and Peace. This metric assumes special relevance when compared to other countries such as Switzerland (0.269), Spain (1.701), United Kingdom (5.102) or France (5.964)
  • In what concerns work life balance, measuring the hours spent at work, Portugal has about 10% employees who work very long hours, position below OECD 13% average. The ability to successfully combine work and personal life, including family, is becoming a very important aspect in societies, and evidence shows that Portugal has been taking that into account.

All the economic data are being updated according to the official release.