Portugal attracted 74 foreign investment projects in 2018 creating over 6,100 jobs

Portugal attracted 74 foreign investment projects in 2018 creating over 6,100 jobs

LISBON, 18 June (LUSA) – Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Portugal led to the development of 74 projects last year, creating over 6,100 new jobs, according to the Attractiveness Survey Portugal report from the consultancy firm EY (Ernst & Young).

According to the report, “in the light of a scenario in which investors’ perceptions of Europe are getting worse, Portugal remains perceived as an interesting location for foreign investment, with better results than in other countries where EY conducted this report,” Florbela Lima said, the consultant’s partner.

“In Europe, in 2018, there was a slowdown in foreign investment, also resulting in a reduction in the projects of FDI nationally,” the results showed.

“However, and even taking into account this scenario, 74 FDI projects were guaranteed, creating at least 6,100 new jobs.”

Compared to countries such as France (30%), Belgium (28%), Germany (40%) and the Netherlands (45%), 52% participants in the EY report said that the attractiveness of Portugal would evolve positively in the next three years (the largest percentage of the group.)

However, only 25% have plans to invest in the country over the next year, “in the statement that shows the results of the report.”

Still, according to EY, the report concluded that the “attractiveness of Portugal remains strong and short-term investment plans in the country are among the highest in Europe.”

The main factors that attract FDI to Portugal are the “quality of life (noted by 90% of the participants), followed by the stability of the social climate (79%), telecommunications infrastructure (73%), the level of competence of local workforce (72%) and labour cost (71%),” it said.

There were 205 investors from 19 countries surveyed for this report.

Download a PDF of the report here: EY Attractiveness Survey Portugal, June 2019 (3.7 MB)