30th M&A Worldwide Convention, April 4-5, in Lisbon

30th M&A Worldwide Convention, April 4-5, in Lisbon

Lisbon is preparing to host, for the first time in Portugal, the 30th M&A Worldwide Convention, April 4-5, at the Altis Grand Hotel.

Chitra Stern, member of the executive committee of Portugal IN, is a speaker at this event.

Organized by Fingeste, the national representative of this leading independent global M&A network in the Mid-Market segment, the congress has a wide range of International Investors, Multinational, Private Equities , Family Offices, Hedgefunds, Debt Funds and Investment Bankers from 45 countries.

During the event, all the companies present will have the opportunity to showcase their projects to investors, financiers and investment bankers in private, properly prepared meetings where the specificities of each financing or expansion opportunities will be analyzed.

Since 2004, the World Congress of M&A Worldwide has been present in several world capitals, bringing together companies and investors. Throughout the previous editions in Miami, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​London, New Delhi, Warsaw and Shanghai, the global financial advisory network has been distinguished by the diversity of financing solutions and operations and expansion opportunities available to medium-sized enterprises , taking into account the characteristics of the markets in which they operate.

Over the last three years, M&A Worldwide has handled more than €10 billion in 1287 cross-border M&A, financing and other operations, originating from 43 companies from 45 countries.

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